Offering you peace of mind to focus on your mission to succeed faster within budget.

Product Services

  • Specification to build a new product.
  • Requirements to improve an existing product.
  • Product testing services.
  • Programming services for products.

Project Services

  • Guide/help in selecting the most suitable IRT tool in the market for the protocol.
  • SME guidance and recommendations on complex studies.
  • Guide/write User Requirement Speciation.
  • Project Management services.
  • Testing services.
  • Programming services.
  • UAT script writing.
  • UAT performance.
  • User manuals and worksheet creation.
  • Troubleshooting and error corrections in the existing live study.
  • Processes implementation, improvements, and SOP writing.

Reap the Comfort of Controlled and Structured Team.

We create a smart, hardworking, cross-functional team around you. This team works under the guidance and supervision of the Subject Matter Expert and Quality Team. To ensure to deliver the highest quality within timelines all the time.

Seamless Support Processes Delights you.

Simple four steps, two tears structured seamless support. Direct access to Subject Matter Expert helps you in making the decisions faster and accurately. A permanent and single point of contact throughout the tenure delights you.